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Get to know our brilliant team of Personal Trainers or dig deeper into our training philosophy and find out why we do what we do.

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Our Story

Torque Training started with 2 brothers from South Africa who both desperately needed to rethink their lifestyles. Having both previously played professional sport, being overweight with a poor outlook on life was a hard pill to swallow. So we decided to turn things around, move to the West Country and start Torque Training in Bristol.  

However, we recognised that we couldn't do this alone and we needed to bring together a world class team that brought fresh ideas, energy and business mentorship to make this the best product we physically could. Since TORQUE first became an idea in our minds we have added 3 siblings in our business support group and another ex-professional athlete as a director, all of whom have helped Torque Training grow and transform into Torque 2.0.

Lockdown was both a huge blow for us but also a re-birth of sorts. It forced us to look long and hard at our business model and cultivate a new, better product (see our philosophy below) that could bring even more value to people than before. So after a huge re-shuffle we are BACK WITH A BANG and ready to push our members further and elevate them higher!


We've got a new Head Coach with tons of experience both in pro-sport and general population, a new timetable and an unrelenting ambition to help YOU make prioritising your health accessible and affordable and smash your goals out of the park. 

We look forward to seeing you all in the gym sometime soon.


Matthew Watson - Head Coach SGPT

Nick Fenton-Wells - Director

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Tom Luke - Head Coach TEAM

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Ant Fenton-Wells - Director and Coach

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About Us: About
About Us: Team Members

Our coaches at Torque Training are actively enriching the lives of our members by building trust through our coaching and creating a community of likeminded people who love being healthy and strong. Check out our philosophy for a deeper insight into why we do what we do.


Matthew Watson

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Matt is our resident science geek and Head Coach for SGPT. With a BSc in Sport Science, an MSc in Strength and conditioning and starting a PhD there's not much he doesn't know about the science behind training.

You can find matt on the gym floor most days coaching SGPT when he's not throwing big weights above his head.


Tom Luke

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Tom played professional rugby for 10 years and has a wealth of knowledge about pretty much anything performance related.

You can find Tom on the gym floor most days, cheering our members on and putting them through their paces on Saturday SYS. He also sits on our board of directors.


Ant Fenton-Wells

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With 12 years under his belt, Ant is our most experienced coach and you can find him teaching TEAM classes on Tuesday/Thursday morning. 


Ant also sits on our board of directors and acts as our head of client relations, checking that you guys are having an awesome time.


Nick Fenton-Wells

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Another one of our 10 year rugby pro's Nick works a lot behind the scenes at TORQUE putting his MSc in business management to great use.

Nick sits on our board of directors and helps keep the company moving forward with his fantastic business acumen and eye for strategy.

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