Our Philosophy

What We Stand For

At Torque Training we believe that the way you train will manifest itself in all aspects of your life – health, wealth, social, self-development and spiritual. Through training your body in strength, power, endurance, mobility, flexibility and speed, you can build the core to your longevity. Our philosophy is that training is the cornerstone of health and wellness and the foundation on which to enhance our lives.  That it fosters creativity, is more about the mental than the physical, and embraces all aspects of your life, while being fun and enjoyable.

We train people to help them grow into the best versions of themselves, to allow them to live truly fulfilled lives through accountability, consistency, commitment, dedication and a supportive community.


That is why we train.


What does this mean?

Member focused approach

We truly believe that training should enhance your life not control it, that is why we have worked to create the LATCH method that underpins our programming to help YOU latch on to your goals! We want to create strong and functional Life Athletes which means training to perform better at life and using the gym as a treatment not a punishment!

  1. Longevity

    • Results and changes that will last

    • Mental AND physical health

  2. Adaptability

    • Train anywhere, anytime, any place

    • Equip members with skills to take forward

  3. Tenacity

    • It is about the long game

    • We don’t give up and neither do our members

  4. Creativity

    • Looking for ways to innovate, change and evolve

    • Staying up to date and using cutting edge knowledge

  5. Holistic

    • Not just fat to thin

    • Combined approach with all training variables

Once you sign on to any of our packages you'll be entering into our specially crafted member journey to help you make the most of your time at TORQUE. Click below to see what the member journey looks like.