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Small Group PT

Personal training without the price tag.

Torque TEAM

Upgrade your fitness and mindset.

Online Community

Train from the comfort of your own home

1-2-1 PT

Focus in on your goals and develop.

Online Training

Make gains from your living room

We are very proud to offer our brand new online training platform to the world. We have worked hard since the last lockdown to create a strong, varied and most importantly, effective system for training in your living room.

With a full timetable of over 20+ classes per week all programmed by our experienced and elite coaches, you can be very confident that not only will you be able to train at home, you'll make some awesome progress too!

Signing up will also get you some amazing perks such as bonus mobility videos, educational seminars, full access to our video library of sessions AND a personalised home workout goodie bag just for signing up...what are you waiting for?!

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Small Group PT

Get strong AND lean (Prices start at £20 a session)

Our Small group personal training classes are the perfect place for you to start your journey towards becoming 'fit for life'. 

They are designed by our Head Coach based on the latest scientific principles of training. The sessions cover full-body work alongside core training and specific warm-ups/exercises to help you become a strong and functional life machine!

We do our best to make the sessions specific and hold quarterly testing to keep everyone on track and help inform individual adjustments to the program.


1-2-1 PT

Truly beskpoke fitness

1-2-1 training is our most bespoke package. Your coach will create a program based solely on your individual needs and will check in with you regularly and guide you through your fitness transformation.


You will get access to our high end training facilities as well as extras such as body compositional analysis. Each of our coaches has a specific specialism that they are awesome at, so you'll know that whatever you want to achieve, they are the best qualified person to take you there. 

All of our coaches currently have slots free to take on new clients but hurry as they won't be open forever. Get your fitness journey started today and you wont regret it.



Lets build some engines

Torque TEAM is our 'class based' option. The sessions range between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the content and focus more on high intensity, high heart rate work for maximum calorie burn!


If you're someone that hates 'cardio' but wants to improve your fitness then Torque Team is for you. Good music, a super supportive atmosphere and blast of hard work will send you in to your day feeling awesome!  

We are currently looking to add even more value to this awesome package by adding in Olympic Lifting, Calisthenics and Yoga classes to our TEAM timetable, so stay tuned!

COVID-19 Protocols


Hand Sanitisation

We have hand sanitisation stations at every rack in the gym, plus other scattered around so we can maintain hygiene standards at all times.


Rule of 6

We have limited class sizes to no more than 6 people in order to maintain effective social distancing to keep you and our coaches safe. 

Body Temperature

We check everyones temperature on arrival at the gym. If you are over 37 degrees OR if you are exhibiting symptoms you will not be allowed to train.

Cleaning protocols

We have medical grade cleaning products on hand to sanitise and wipe down exercise kit after every use in order to ensure no surface  to surface passing of the virus.


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